Martin Primary School

Online safety

The Internet is expanding and developing at an unprecedented rate and it is a difficult job to keep on top of developments in order to ensure the safety of our children whilst they are online. It is vital that all parents and carers know how to support their child in the online environment and how to keep them safe.  The school ensures that all children are taught online safety as part of the ICT curriculum and  it is important for this awareness to continue at home.


There are many different apps and websites that are not suitable for children.  It is therefore essential that you:

  • talk to your child about what they do online
  • are always aware of the age restrictions on the apps/websites that your child is using 
  • setup privacy settings and be aware that when things are posted online they can be copied and shared by others
  • block and report users or posts that are worrying or upsetting to the website/app.


Please find below useful documents and links to websites with information for parent and carers.

Please click on the links below for advice for parents and carers that has been issued by Childnet UK.  You will see that the information has been translated into several languages.