Martin Primary School


At Martin Primary School, we believe that the highest possible standards can only be achieved by having the highest expectations and aspirations for all learners.


The Martin Primary Curriculum is unique to our school.  It is a progressive model which is shaped around our Rights Respecting ethos and is carefully structured to ensure that every child develops their knowledge, skills and understanding in all subjects as they move through the school.  It is cohesive, consistent, broad and balanced and it reflects the diversity of our community.  It provides all children with an in-depth knowledge and skill set which they can apply to their learning with increasing independence and it also encourages them to be responsible citizens with a strong moral code. 


Every subject in the curriculum is broken down into key skills and knowledge which the subject leaders have carefully planned and sequenced across all year groups from the beginning of the EYFS to the end of Key Stage 2. This ensures that learning builds on what has been taught before and is targeted towards defined end points.  Topics vary in length according to need, with some topics being taught over one week and others up to three weeks.  Teachers and subject leaders regularly review the topics to ensure that they are appropriate and appealing for our children and they also evaluate activities to ensure that they effectively support the learning of the required skills and knowledge. 


When implementing the curriculum, staff ensure that planning meets the needs of all pupils, is ambitious with no limits or barriers to achievement and that all children are challenged with well-planned and stimulating learning activities that build on previous learning.  Any gaps in skills and knowledge are quickly identified and specific support is put in place which is appropriate and carefully targeted to ensure that all children can achieve to the very best of their abilities. 

Please click on the links below for more information about our curriculum in the different key stages: