Martin Primary School


High standards of behaviour help to make our school a pleasant and safe place for everyone and help to create an ordered environment in which purposeful education can take place. Staff and Governors are committed to maintaining such an environment at Martin Primary School and ensuring that all children and adults follow our Rights Respecting ethos. We believe that clear guidelines about behaviour need to be understood by the whole school community.


At all times we seek to use a restorative approach to reinforce good behaviour outcomes and to address inappropriate behaviour. We set out to manage behaviour in a calm, consistent and assertive way, while respecting the rights of all those concerns.


Please find below our Behaviour Policy and a Powerpoint about our approach to behaviour that has recently been presented to staff, children, parents/carers and our Governing Body.

At Martin Primary School, we strive to build strong relationships with parents/carers to help create a stimulating learning environment that continues from school to home, providing all pupils with the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability.


To create a welcoming and safe learning environment, the school implements a Parent/Carer Code of Conduct which parents/carers are expected to follow.